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How to Become an Official

The TFO is always looking for new officials.

To better prepare new officials for each upcoming season the association provides both on field training and certification clinics. All officials dress and equipment requirements are provided initially by the league with ensuing pay deductions to cover those expenses. To qualify for the above position your prerequisites should include some of the following:

    (a) having previously officiated any sport
    (b) a basic knowledge of football
    (c) played touch football
    (d) handled people in sports
    (e) good disposition
    (f) decent physical health & condition
    (g) some means of transportation


Officiating is a job that has many rewards. It allows you to stay involved in the game longer, offers a meaningful form of exercise, provides an interactive pastime, allows you to be part of a team and help to provide a safe and even playing field for participants. Out of town expense covered tournaments can be fun and economically satisfying. The officiating job of course is a decent paying one, with a reward in rate for those interested in bettering themselves.

If you have an interest in officiating or would like more information contact TFONT by email. Consider registering yourself as an official for the upcoming season; you can work as full member official, as a player official, or as a part time official.

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Touch Football Ontario

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